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Western Digital Data Recovery chennai

Western Digital Data Recovery Service-Raminfotech

As a specialist data recovery company, we know well the stress that broken Western Digital (WD) hard drives can cause. That’s why we offer a fast, cheap, low-hassle service, with turnaround times available in less than 24 hours.

Our Western Digital data recovery team have become highly experienced in diagnosing and solving problems associated with Western Digital hard drives. They operate out of world-class facilities – including an ISO 3 certified data recovery clean room environment (one of the very few chennai ). As a result, they offer the best possible prospect of a successful data recovery from a broken western Digital hard drive regardless of the circumstances that caused the data loss, or the model.

Call now for a free diagnosis and competitive quote with a ‘no fix, no fee’ guarantee.

Common symptons of data recovery issues for Western Digital HDDs

Western Digital data recovery can become necessary if your hard drive unit experiences any of the common mechanical failure problems inherent in all brands of hard drive, such as:

  • Read/write heads fail; symptoms include near constant clicking sounds, driver hangs or a slowing down of motor speed.
  • Failure to be recognised by the BIOS.
  • Drive appears to slow down.
  • Receive error message ‘Windows delayed write failure’.
  • Computer hangs – or displays a blue screen.
  • Sudden seizure of the hard drive due to overheating problems.

A less common problem experienced by Western Digital hard drives is that occasionally models that use the SMOOTH motor controller chip will fail due to this chip blowing. While more difficult to diagnose, the Data Recovery Hospital can usually restore any lost or inaccessible data to you on a storage medium of your choice.

We restore data from all Western Digital hard drive models

Data Recovery Hospital engineers are able to recover data from any model of Western Digital hard disk.

We have developed bespoke software and data recovery processes to ensure we maximise the chances of a successful recovery from the following models:

  • WD Caviar ‘SE’ series: WD2500JB; WD2000JB; WD1600JB; WD1200JB; WD800JB; WD400JB.
  • WD Caviar ‘EIDE’ series: WD2500BB; WD2000BB; WD1600BB, WD1200BB; WD800BB; WD400BB; WD200BB.
  • WD Caviar ‘LB’ series: WD1200LB; WD1800LB; WD2000LB.
  • WD Caviar ‘RE’ series: WD1600BB; WD1600SB; WD1600SD; WD2500SD; WD3200SD; WD3200SB; WD2500SB.
  • WD Caviar ‘SE16′ series: WD3200KS; WD4000KD; WD2500KS.
  • WD Scorpio series: WD400UE; WD600UE; WD600VE; WD800UE; WD800VE
  • WD Caviar ‘LB’ series: WD1200LB; WD1800LB; WD2000LB.
  • WD Raptor WD740GD.


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