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Hitachi Data Recovery Chennai

Hitachi Data Recovery Services Raminfotech

If you are unable to recover data from any make or model of Hitachi hard drive, then our peerless combination of highly skilled data recovery engineers, Hitachi hard drive diagnostics and world-class data recovery facilities are the perfect solution to your problem.

Call us now on freephone 9841814405  - 9841983643 for a free Hitachi data recovery diagnostic service and a ‘no fix, no fee’ quote on how best to proceed with a solution.

Regardless of the cause of your data loss – be it the Hitachi “click of death” or any other hard drive problem – you can rest assured that we’ve met it before and that we know exactlty what we need to do to recover your data.

Hitachi Hard Drive Recovery Services

Hitachi hard drives, in common with those produced by all main manufacturers, occasionally suffer from one or more of the general range of mechanical and logical failures that can cause data loss in any hard disk.

Hitachi Data Recovery

One particular problem that stands out for Hitachi is the Deskstar “click of death” which is diagnosed by hearing a regular “scratch-click” sound emanating from the hard disk.

If you hear this unusual sound coming from your computer, it is vital to shut it down as quickly as possible because continued use under these conditions will result in more damage being caused.

Problematic interaction between the Giant Magneto Resistive read/write heads and the hard disk are the usual cause of this serious problem, highlighted by the infamous “click of death” sound.


The Data Recovery Hospital can provide Hitachi data recovery from systems in almost any condition. The chances of a fully successful recovery depend on the length of time that the system has been used while suffering this problem. The longer the usage, the more damage that has likely occurred. Even if the hard drive itself is compromised and cannot be fully restored, the data held on it can still be recovered and transferred to a replacement storage medium of your choice.

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Hitachi Service is horrible – it took more than a month to get a friends disk exchanged via the dealer