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Hard disk support for Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi in India

Have a hard disk that doesn’t work? That acts funny, that never starts and continuously clicks? Most likely it has crashed. If it has not completely failed try running testing software to detect errors.

Seagate Hard Disks

Seagate Help Website

Seagate Support Telephone no :   18004254535 (always busy)

Service partner : ACCEL Frontline:

Sgt Toll Free No: 000 800 440 1392 Tardeo centre phone no 40059782 / 83

All India Addresses of Accel Frontline

Please register yourself at the accel site and then visit service centers no use just calling as lines are busy. Timing is normally 9.30 to 5.30.

WARRANTY LIFE generally 3yrs to 5YEARS

Check ur WARRANTY here …………..  FAQs

Seagate Warranty Support Contacts-Asia Pacific

Seagate Warranty Support Contacts-Europe, Middle East and Africa

How good is Seagate Seacare Service

SEAGATE warranty works even if it is delayed, At least they have a bunch of Accel offices where you can goto unlike others you should get a replacement in 2 / 3 weeks max.

RamInfotech Data Recovery @9841983643 |

Western Digital Hard Disks

Service phone nos : 1-800-11-93-93 or 011-26384700.


WD Support Website

Numbers are always busy and they dont respond to emails well

Try emailing their Asia pacific email address or us email address.

Authorised Outsourcing Agent

Rt Outsourcing Services Limited ,Western Digital Service Division B-81 Okhla Industrial Area Phase-2
New Delhi 110020 Phone: +91 11 26383407, 26383407,  26383407

How good is WD Service

It is so pathetic that it cannot be expressed in words, if this were America, class action suits would shut this company down. A friend managed to exchange his disk 4 months after he first tried to get service.

Samsung Hard Disks

Samsung Support Website

Samsung Warranty Check

RamInfotech Data Recovery @9841983643 |

Hitachi Hard Disk

Hitachi Warranty Support Website

Call 1800.220.091 for support Email:

Hitachi Service is horrible – it took more than a month to get a friends disk exchanged via the dealer

RamInfotech Data Recovery @9841983643 |


Free Data Recovery Software Download

Seagate Tools

Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

SAMSUNG diagnostic

If u want to check warranty without opening your box (pc) Download Seatools and burn it on a cd. Boot with the cd and it will show you the serial no and part no for warranty check

If u have some tech inclination disconnect the power cable and the ide/sata cable and slowly unscrew the drive from the bay and note down the serial no and the model number written on the sticker.

Go online or call the support number and chk warranty by stating the model and serial no. they will guide u with the rest.

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