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Compaq Server Data Recovery

Compaq are part of the HP group and  present some of the most advanced servers available to businesses. In particular their RAID system (Delayed backward parity) where the parity block is a different size to the data blocks, but always a multiple of the block size.

Compaq Server Data Recovery

Data Recovery of a Compaq or HP server will require an understanding of how this parity block is calculated. Many of the server often had 14 drives as standard and so requires an understanding of the operating system in order to rebuild the array outside of the server - this is standard practice for RAID data recovery.

The main product range was known as the Proliant Server and typical RAID configurations are RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 50 and RAID 51. Some modern HP servers also use RAID 6 and we are able to recover data from all HP and Compaq RAID configurations. Newer HP servers are still named Proliant and there are now 'slot in' Proliant Blade servers too.

If your Compaq server contains critical data, please, do not take any risks attempting to recover the data. The chances are that if you are getting a blue screen, or there are strange noises emanating from the server or disk enclosure or drives are no longer recognised by the server, then the best option would be to turn off the computer and get expert help from a reputable data recovery company to avoid the consequences of permanent data loss.