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HP Server Data Recovery-Raminfotech

HP Have been making reliable server systems for over 8 years and make several models of server aimed at specific business users. From entry level to advanced blade based server systems. Add those to massive data storage systems and large powerful computer data centers can be built.

HP Server Data Recovery

When disk failures happens, it can be a disaster, MjM Data Recovery have been recovering data from HP servers for over 10 years, we had to develop our own software to destripe the drives as no commercial software could do anything with the drives  because of the delayed parity systems used.

whilst it is tempting to attempt recovery yourself, it is advised to not run any tools that work directly on the file system especially so if the problem is hardware related. The best option is to turn the server off and contact us on 0800 072 3282 where you can talk directly to a RAID recovery enginee