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Data Recovery Services Chennai

Hard Drive Recovery

We have 95% success rate of hard drive recovery. For physically damaged hard drives, our experts perform hard drive analysis and data recovery operation in ISO certified Class 10 Clean Room Lab. This lab is equipped with controlled environment to restrict dust particles, humidity levels and temperature. This safe and secure environment ensures maximum possible data recovery and prevents the affected object from further damage. We can recover data from all hard drives, be it of any model or manufactured by any company.

  • Chennai Data Recovery Services
    We specialise in recovering all critical data loss due to accidental deletion, drive formatting, mechanical drive failure, disk making clicking sounds, virus attacks, flood, fire, power surge or even sabotage from all types of Hard drives.

    We deal with various types of Hard disks like SCSI, IDE, SATA and USB. Also we recover data from various operating systems like Windows(Win 98, Win 2000, XP, Win 7, Win 8), Linux, Unix and Macintosh(MAC).
  • Desktop/ laptops are wildly used for personal, Every one putting their critical data in personal computer and Data is doubled in every 1 year. And According to PC sales statics laptops.
    Data Recovery Chennai Capabilities with Dell, Compaq / HP, IBM / Lenovo, Apple/Mac/ iBook, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Acer, Asus, LG and Others: Alienware, AST, Fujitsu, NEC, custom made and all OEM Makes with major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)
  • We recover Photos, Videos, Data and all type of multimedia files from various types of pen drives even though it is deleted, lost or formatted.

    We offer a reliable solution for digital image recovery, digital picture recovery, digital media recovery, photo rescue, photo restore, data recovery, or even when files are deleted, the storage was damaged or formatted. We recover the photos and movie clips from the source Pen drive and save

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