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Recover (internal data from) completely dead/

Let's suppose that you dropped your smart phone to the ground by accident, and the phone's display screen is cracked; Or if the Android phone is broken or dead due to other reasons like virus attack in the daily life, how to extract the saved contacts, messages or even more files from the damaged Android phone completely? How to restore all your precious memories like photos, videos, etc. on the phone? Troublesome, right? Now, here is an ideal solution for your reference.

As it is known to all that people like to save lots of important or privacy information in their Samsung, HTC, Motorola or other smart phones for entertaining or business needs. But when your Samsung, HTC or other phone's screen broke up by accident, you may eager to find back all your important data like contacts, messages, photos, etc. from the damaged or broken device, right? But attention please, unlike media files like photos, videos, etc., contacts and messages are always stored in the phone's internal flash card, and it is can't be taken out and used in other device just like the SD card does. Thus, when your phone is broken without backup, and you can't find an effective way to extract or restore the saved data on the device, then you may lose them permanently. Tragedy, right? However, a good news here is that you can ask for help from a 3rd-party application to retrieve deleted data from broken Android mobile phone easily.

Here, we kindly recommend a reliable yet professional Android Data Recovery software for your reference: MobiKin Doctor for Android or MobiKin Doctor for Android (Mac). It allows users to scan and recover their lost, deleted or formatted data like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, and other files from Android smart phone or tablet on PC/Mac respectively. And it can works well with device from almost all popular brands, like Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, HTC, ZTE, etc. No matter the lost data is saved in the phone's internal or external memory, MobiKin program can help you find them back easily. What's more, the program is a standalone tool, that means it can be performed while you're offline, and you'll never worry about that your personal information will be leaked out.

Follow the below instructions to see how easy it is to perform the best Android Data Recovery software on Windows or Mac computer.